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Pasture Raised Chicken from Cobb Creek Farm

Just down the road from us in Hillsboro, Texas - Cobb Creek Farm provides the very best pasture-raised, artisanally processed, and Non-GMO fed chicken in Texas. Their chickens are never given antibiotics or performance enhancing chemicals like you may find in the industrial chicken sold in supermarkets across the world.
The Chickens are moved daily to new, fresh pasture. Fresh air and sunlight along with fresh pasture make a happy life for a chicken. Cobb Creek is a NON-GMO Farm – their feed is Non-GMO project verified, Animal Welfare Approved, Herbicide and Pesticide tested and preservative free.
Cobb Creek is one of the few small scale pastured poultry farms in the country that does on-farm processing (with legal food safety inspection).
Sustainable, Accountable, and Delicious.