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Audubon Burgundy Pasture Beef

Audubon Conservation Ranching Certified

Most of the vast native prairie that originally covered over 300 million acres of the Great Plains has been lost to conversion to agriculture and development. A range of factors, including invasive species encroachment, urbanization, energy development, and unsustainable livestock management practices, has degraded the grasslands that remain. As a result, grassland birds have suffered an unparalleled decline over the past half century.
Audubon CertificationBy choosing beef products from Burgundy Beef, the first Audubon-certified ranch in Texas, you are contributing to the expansion and sustainability of livestock management practices that are better for your health, better for cattle, and better for the environment.
Audubon's "green seal" is the premiere certification for products that have positive impacts on grassland bird habitat and grassland ecosystems. The Audubon Conservation Ranching program empowers consumers to support conservation by selecting beef products bearing the Audubon seal, knowing that these products come from lands where grazing and management practices ensure diverse bird habitat, healthy soils, abundant pollinators, and cleaner waters.